Tracy Challen
Lorraine Rowan
Valerie Gillard
Kim Doyle
Shelley Gould
Jenny Balfe
Jane White

Matt Smith
Pete Whitaker
David Coward
Stuart Tizzard
Malcolm George
Ian Carter
Richard Facer
David Gillard
Paul Barrington
Simon Leaton

Georgina Smith
Lousie King
Production Manager
Pete Whitaker
Lighting Design
Tom Winter
Tom Winter
Ann Smith/Anne Paskins
Valerie Gillard
Andrea Young

WHEN all the right ingredients come together in the right order the result can be sheer perfection, and to my mind that is just what audiences are getting at this deliciously amusing revue, compered by David Gillard, with a production team of Georgina Smith (director), Louise King (choreography) and Ian Carter (musical director).

The hall, elegantly decorated in black and gold, is the first sign of the care that has gone into putting it all together, and the songs and sketches that follow are worth travelling miles to see.

From a brilliant opening, Show People, to an eminently memorable Sister Act finale, the seventeen-strong hugely talented and vibrant cast sing, dance and act as if their lives depend on it, and the pace never falters.

The sketches are extremely funny and excellently performed, and although there are far too many for me to mention them all I couldn’t possibly leave out the hidden talent revealed – well, almost – by Stuart Tizzard, Dave Coward and Paul Barrington in their balloon dance.

The show is dedicated to the memory of recently deceased sound engineer Les Acton, and it was touching to see his picture on the wall in a couple of scenes. He’d have loved it.

Linda Kirkman
Bournemouth Daily Echo